KC Executive Property Management Pty Ltd

Kristy Cameron



Posted on 28 July, 2020 at 23:05


In the last 20yrs, from Pottsville to Kingscliff, we have seen considerable growth in both the residential and commercial sectors of the market. Development, population and tourism have boomed. I’ve seen full cycles of the market over the course of living and working in the area. With this substantial growth comes a high demand for quality tradespeople, and, a flood of new tradespeople to the coast with a range of specialist skills. This is where a knowledgeable, experienced Property Manager can take the stress out of your property projects to ensure you are meeting your goals on budget and on time. There’s a catch though, the tradespeople a Property Manager chooses might meet their standards, however, will they meets yours? These are often worlds apart particularly if you have the time to invest in projects and maintenance for your investment property, but they don’t.

Recommendations sourced from the internet or social media for tradespeople can be very helpful, however, a recommendation will only ever be as good as the expectations of the person suggesting the trade. How do you know that your expectations of quality and workmanship, cost and timeline match the level of expectation to that of a stranger referring the trade? There are key questions to ask your trade that an experienced Property Manager can assist you with to avoid disappointment.

For many years good quality, skilled and reasonably priced tradespeople in the area can 'pick and choose' who they work for as a result of the demand. They are so incredibly busy that not even the current pandemic has slowed down their workloads. Having a solid rapport with your tradespeople is important – they are just as an integral part of your property management team as the employees working within a real estate agency. After all, the tradespeople willing to work on your investment properties have a major impact on your bottom line. Choosing a professional Property Manager with high standards and an in-depth knowledge of repairs and maintenance will compliment the trades to match. It’s a win win for the long-term preservation of your investment property along with the quality of tenants your property will attract as a result of these choices.

KC engages in trades who are; highly skilled, reasonably priced, responsive, communicate well with tenants and local where possible. I’ve used the same; garage door company, blind cleaning company, Electrician, Handyman, Communications Specialist, pool company and carpet cleaner for the last 13yrs +.

Property Managers and tradespeople are very similar. Sometimes you’ll find the perfect trade who is a sole trader with a relatively small boutique customer base, or, they will form part of a larger company where you are borderline just another ‘number’. When you do find that one good person that ticks every box for your investment property - stick with them.





Posted on 6 June, 2020 at 22:35

I had a memory pop up on Facebook this week and realised I'm on the verge of the first year anniversary of running my own business.

The concept of going out on my own stemmed from a realisation that mentally and physically I couldn't keep running the way that I was. I was in constant fight-or-flight mode.

I love working with people and I love the industry. Most Property Managers will tell you, it's the workload that's the killer. For those with a care-free personality you'll survive fine. The care-free personality is the one where you go into work on a Monday morning and instead of smashing out your repairs and maintenance reported from the weekend, you instead sit and talk about your personal life for the first hour. I wish I could be like that! I needed to start looking after my own health and well being. I needed to be in charge of that.

Before I started out I never planned on establishing an instant portfolio of properties. It doesn't work that way. As business had always been through word of mouth I accepted that my business would be organically grown this way. I never relied on anything else. I can't control the actions of others.

I worked four jobs for the first couple of months. I cleaned in a resort on weekends in Rainbow Bay. I had my hobby candle making, creating my PM business from scratch, trying to support my teenage Son to achieve and a part-time job of an evening. I was working up to 55hrs a week for months with all four jobs requiring a completely different mind-set.

After a couple of months, I had to give the candles and cleaning away. I spent most of winter being sick as my immune system was constantly down. I then gave myself 12 x months to setup building the necessary foundations to offer my clients a strong Property Management service. I did most of my own Accounting, Marketing, I.T., business structure, Bookkeeping and what I didn't know I learnt how.

I was determined to keep my costs down until the business reached a sustainable position where it could outsource some of these jobs.

Today, I'm blessed to be surrounded by quality tenants and owners. I also have interests outside of property management and I'm hoping to eventually squeeze in a little study. I have a great sense of satisfaction. I love my new life. It's been extremely stressful and hard work but the end results are worth it.

I hold dear the friendships with industy colleagues and old bosses (you know who you are!). Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it. I couldn't have gotten through without my family, closest friends and trades that I've worked with for the last 15yrs.

I'm looking forward to the next year then the year after that and the year after that. A high performing agency or property professional isn't about the four walls you've surrounded yourself with. It's about true care-factor of the individuals that fill the agency. You strive for your clients to succeed in their property ambitions as much as you want to succeed yourself. This isn't about having the fancy office, the multi-million dollar franchises or a pretty bank balance! It's about sharing your personal experiences, knowledge, PR skills and drive that facilitates your clients to live the life they choose to live. Not the life that consumes them with worry, stress and lack of confidence.

KC x